Live the way you want with a Home Care Package.

Home Care Packages are government funded and available to older Australians who need support to keep living at home.

What a Home Care Package can do for you.

Home Care Packages can offer independence and peace of mind. The funds can be utilised for everyday assistance such as cleaning, gardening and personal care in addition to community support such as transportation and social services. You can apply for a Home Care Package if you’re over 65 (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people), need some assistance with everyday tasks, and have a medicare card.

How it works

Home Care Packages are designed with everyone’s unique needs in mind, which is why there are 4 levels of funding dependent on the level of care required.

Once a Home Care Package is granted, you can find a care provider that suits your needs. Services are covered by the Home Care Package up to the level of funding provided by the Package. The gateway to any Aged Care services in Australia is through My Aged Care. You must register with My Aged Care and then organise to have an assessment (undertaken by their assessors in your own home).


Package Levels

Level 1

Some help but can manage independently.

Level 2

A little bit of help.

Level 3

A lot of help.

Level 4

Loads of care.

The government contribution changes on 1 July every year; These figures are up to date as at 1 July 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions