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Embodying Nana Hazel, Hazel Home Care is committed to providing you with quality home care that is personalised for you.

Hazel was a country girl. She trained as a nurse and was called to nurse in Melbourne in WWII and then moved to regional northern Victoria after the war where she married and raised three children.

With no bush nursing service or nearby hospital she cared for her community in a kind and pragmatic way; looking after sick young children in her home and doing what she could for injured farmers until they could be taken to hospital regardless of the hour or day.

Hazel was kind, warm, practical and non-judgemental; she saw the best in everyone she met. She had a zest for life and loved a laugh and a good natter. Hazel died of old age in her home in Leongatha and was cared for her by her family and the local health service until the end. We felt it was fitting to name our Home Care service after this amazing person.

Our Values

When making decisions, working with colleagues and talking with customers these are the values we follow, these are the values we care about.

Our range of services are developed for your individual needs and preferences.

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